Recent updates :

Liver Unit


  •  Liver unit is providing specialized clinical services to the people since the beginning of Super-specialty services at Bir Hospital in Nepal.
  •     It is the only apex Centre of the country where D.M. Hepatology teaching program is being conducted successfully.


  •     This unit has contributed services four times in epidemics of viral hepatitis since 1973 in Nepal.
  •     OPD clinic by faculty of unit is conducted 5/7 days per week along with OPD procedure plus color Doppler ultra sound.
  •     In patient along with ICU and emergency services.
  •     Upper Gastro Intestinal endoscopy by specialists is performed 4/7 days per week and as per need.
  •     Every Friday academic as well as preventive activities are routine work of unit along with special procedures likes PSE & CAVOGRAM if needed.

Future Plan:

 Special clinics e.g.

  •         Alcoholic liver clinic
  •         Hepatitis clinic
  •         Digestive diseases clinic
  •         Liver Transplant Service

    Procedures e.g. EUS, ERCP, RFA, TIPS, TACE, PSE and Stem Cell Transplantation etc.

Human resources:

  1.     Prof. (Dr.) ANIL KUMAR MISHRA
  2.     Professor of Hepatology;+977-9851091999,
  3.     Associate Prof. (Dr.) SUDHAMSHU K.C. ;
  5.     Assistant Prof. (Dr.) JEETENDRA KAJI SHRESTHA;
  7.     Assistant Prof. (Dr.) SUSHIL PRAJAPATI
  8.     Assistant Prof. (Dr.) DILIP SHARMA
  9.     Visiting Prof. (Dr.) SANTOSH MAN SHRESTHA
  10.     Dr. SANDIP KHADKA
  11.     (Gastroenterologist) Medical Officer
  12.     Dr. NIYANTA KARKI
  13.     Senior Resident , D.M. Hepatology
  14.     Dr. BIKASH JAISHI
  15.     Senior Resident , D.M. Hepatology