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  Nursing Campus

Bir Hospital Nursing Campus (BHNC) stands as a one of the leading institution for nursing education in Nepal. Its inception traces back to the establishment of the HMG (His Majesty Government) School of Nursing in 1956 A.D., initially situated in Surendra Bhawan,Sanepa. After a brief period, it relocated to Bir Hospital premises, becoming known as Mahaboudha Nursing Campus.

This campus served as the primary academic hub under the Ministry of Health until 1972 A.D. (2029 B.S.) when, following the establishment of Tribhuvan University, all academic programs transitioned to this university, situated in Maharajgunj. Consequently, Mahaboudha Nursing Campus was rediscovered as Maharajgunj Nursing Campus in 2042 B.S.

Recognizing the need for additional nursing education institutions, the Ministry of Health established Bir Hospital Nursing Campus (BHNC) on the 26th of Mangsir in 2046 B.S. The management of this campus was entrusted to the Ministry of Health. In 2002 A.D., with the establishment of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS), BHNC became an integral part of NAMS. Over the years, BHNC has offered a range of nursing programs, including the Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) nursing program, Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (PBBN), Master in Nursing, Bachelor in Midwifery Science (BMS), and B.Sc. Nursing.

The PCL nursing program was phased out in accordance with the decision of the Medical Education Commission in 2020 A.D. NAMS has expanded its nursing education initiatives to include partnerships with Bharatpur Hospital, Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital, Kanti Children Hospital, and Civil Service Hospital. The institution also has plans for further program expansion in various hospitals.

BHNC is dedicated to nurturing skilled nurses and midwives, offering a comprehensive range of educational programs from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. The institution actively engages in faculty capacity development through diverse training programs, workshops, symposiums, scientific presentations, and publications. It maintains robust coordination and collaboration with the community, affiliated hospitals, and health institutions.


Bir Hospital Nursing Campus (BHNC)


Address: Mahabaudha, kathmandu

Phone: 01-59070751